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Here at RealtyNinja we are huge fans of MailChimp for e-mail marketing. It is what we use for our own e-mail campaigns and is what we tell all of our clients to use as well. We get a lot of requests from our users for resources on how to properly setup and utilize MailChimp effectively and fortunately for everyone, MailChimp themselves have actually created an amazing set of guides and How-To’s that shows exactly this and then some.

You can view all of the guides by going to their Resource Section but I have taken the time to pull out the guides specifically for e-mail marketing beginners and those just learning the craft:

And of course the first step to any of this would be to sign-up for a MailChimp account so that you can play along with the guides. To sign-up, go to their homepage and click the big sign-up button.

I hope that these resources shed some light on a very easy and effective marketing tactic that almost every real estate agent should be using.

Have an awesome day.

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