What our Partnership with LocalPix Does for You

Shaw Towel in Coal Harbour, Vancouver BC

Our new friends, LocalPix.ca, are giving Dojo readers exclusive early-bird access to their library of beautiful Vancouver building & neighbourhood media for 20% off.

LocalPix produces high quality stock photo & video content for neighbourhoods & condo buildings in Vancouver and Calgary.

Before you hire a professional photographer to take stunning building or neighbourhood photos and videos in Vancouver, check to see that you can’t already find them on LocalPix.ca! The photographers at LocalPix have been taking professional real estate photos & videos in Vancouver and Calgary since 2004. In the coming months they will be releasing their massive archive of real estate content on LocalPix.ca, as well as constantly amassing new media & refreshing their archived media.

Vancouver False Creek Seawalk

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Today, LocalPix is soft-launching exclusively with Dojo readers. That means if you’re reading this, you have first access to sets of photos for over 40 Vancouver buildings and 3 Vancouver neighbourhoods at a discounted rate. The building sets include photos of the exterior, lobby and amenities – building information available upon request. The number of sets will be growing rapidly and exponentially from here so keep checking back on the site. Can’t find the content you’re looking for, but want the LocalPix quality? Contact them directly to request a specific Vancouver building or neighbourhood be photographed.

Check out commonly asked questions and answers: localpix.ca/faq

Landmark 33 Building, Yaletown, Vancouver

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Claim Your 20% Discount Online Now

The beauty of LocalPix.ca is that you do all of your content browsing and shopping through their website, and receive a link to download your useable files immediately – Ninja approved! Simply browse the catalog on their website, add items to your cart, then proceed to the checkout. When checking out, make sure to use the RealtyNinja promo code below to add a 20% discount to your final purchase.

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When you’re done with this article, visit the LocalPix website to browse their content packages, learn prices and other details, then begin placing your first order (and saving money)! But before you go, if you are a RealtyNinja client don’t forget to read the Important Footnotes below.


Important Footnotes for RealtyNinja clients

  • LocalPix is owned and operated independently from RealtyNinja.
  • Any purchases made on LocalPix.ca as a result of this article are between the buyer and LocalPix.
  • RealtyNinja does not broker any LocalPix orders on a client’s behalf.
  • RealtyNinja does not manage a client’s relationship with LocalPix.
  • RealtyNinja support will not add building information or photos to a client’s listings or buildings section for free as part of their LocalPix order – we are solely providing a 20% discount.
  • RealtyNinja can not provide support for our 3rd party affiliates – if you require support on LocalPix.ca, please contact them directly.

Does that sound like a long list of “No”? Let me put it this way: If a RealtyNinja client purchases a photo package from LocalPix.ca and needs our help adding the photos to their RealtyNinja website, don’t hesitate to contact us via support@realtyninja.com and describe your request. If it’s something we can do in under 15 minutes, we’ll do it for free! If it’s going to take much longer, we’ll quote you. We’re always here to help, just also want to be transparent that the RealtyNinja & LocalPix deal does not include any content management services.

If you have any questions, please leave us a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP. Also feel free to contact LocalPix.ca here: localpix.ca/connect

What do you think about deals like these? Want to see more of them? Let us know.

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