Why Landing Pages Are a REALTORS® BFF & How To Use Them Properly

Landing pages for real estate agents

If you’re a REALTOR® who is still not effectively using real estate Landing Pages to promote your website & business, this was written for you.

You up for a metaphor?

Your website is an airport. The airplanes are your website visitors. You are the air traffic controller sitting in the big tower. You are directing airplanes to land on different runways….

The different runways are your Landing Pages!!

When it comes to awesome real estate marketing, a Landing Page is a page on your real estate website that you promote via marketing campaigns to capture leads or otherwise accomplish a single business objective.

The BEST real estate landing pages only have one clear objective and call to action. That’s why they don’t include the entire website menu at the top of the page. Removing the main menu from a webpage allows your visitors to focus on the objective of that page, rather than getting distracted by everything else your site has to offer.

Activate Landing Page Mode

GUESS WHAT?!?!?! If you’re a RealtyNinja website customer, you can now turn ANY PAGE on your website into a highly effective landing page by hiding the main website navigation. All you need to do to enable “Landing Page Mode” is add the following text to the end of the URL on any page of your site: ?landing=1

How to activate landing page mode on your realtyninja website

Here’s a standard RealtyNinja webpage URL:  https://www.craigveroni.ca/your-homes-market-evaluation-in-24-hours

Here’s the exact same URL with the ?landing=1 text added to the end of it… notice how the menu gets hidden: https://www.craigveroni.ca/your-homes-market-evaluation-in-24-hours?landing=1

This feature is 100% free and live on your RealtyNinja website NOW!! Try adding the text ?landing=1 to the end of ANY of your own RealtyNinja webpage URLs (including your listings!). This feature is available to Katana users only – if you’re not using Katana yet, request a free migration here. Let us know if you have any questions. 

Consider this… Your real estate website as a whole has various objectives. A full featured REALTOR® website can:

  • Build credibility,
  • showcase listings,
  • introduce yourself,
  • introduce your brand,
  • highlight your expertise,
  • provide info & resources,
  • display a new development,
  • showcase a community,
  • earn yourself leads,
  • etc.

If your real estate website as a whole is geared towards accomplishing all of these objectives, then naturally the individual pages on your website should each be focused on one of these objectives.

For instance, the objective of your “Sold Listings” page is to showcase your credibility and track record as an agent. The objective of your “Blog” is to highlight your relevant expertise and to attract new visitors organically. The objective of your “Free Home Evaluation” page is to earn you some leads through your website.

Sold Listings in Landing Page Mode

Next time you go to share your Sold Listings, Blog or Free Home Evaluation page in a marketing campaign, why not activate Landing Page Mode first by adding ?landing=1 to the URL before sharing it!

[-_-]~~ Ninja Tip: Your website’s homepage is often NOT the most effective landing page, because the objective of a homepage is usually to highlight various actions a website visitor can take on your website, rather than to achieve one clear objective.  Your homepage usually contains a few call to actions as well as your main website navigation menu – which contains 5, 10, 15 or more links to pages.

Real Estate Landing Pages Don’t “Work” Unless You Send Traffic to Them

If airplanes (website visitors) are all flying overhead and you’re not directing any of them to land on your runways (landing pages,) then your airport (website) is completely useless.

You can’t just create landing pages on your real estate website, and pray that visitors will show up. You need to do some work to direct visitors to your landing pages and website overall – otherwise your website will not achieve any of its objectives.

Canadians are online – that’s an undeniable fact. That doesn’t mean they are just going to visit your website out of the goodness of their hearts. It’s up to you to provide them a good enough reason to visit, AND to show them the way to get there.

lead the way

One important website marketing strategy has always been, and will always be: Search Engine Optimization (SEO.) SEO will always drive traffic to your website, so make sure you’re optimizing your website to be discovered online organically.

While SEO is always important, driving relevant traffic to a single-objective landing page often requires an extra marketing push. That’s why specific marketing campaigns are important when promoting real estate landing pages.

One useful tactic for sending traffic to your landing pages is to use Google Ads, Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads. FB & IG advertising is still relatively affordable (compared to Google) considering how many people you can potentially reach, and how specifically you can target your audience.

To promote your real estate landing pages, follow these high level steps:

  1. Create a landing page on your real estate website with a clear objective.
  2. Write some engaging copy for a Facebook/Instagram ad.
  3. Create an Ad on Facebook/Instagram that sends traffic to your landing page.
  4. Track how many visitors your ad sent to your landing page & measure your goal conversions using Google Analytics (how many visitors completed the objective?!)
  5. Repeat with different objectives until you identify your most highly converting ad & landing page combo.
  6. Pat yourself on the back for being a highly effective modern real estate marketer.

[-_-]~~~ Ninja Tip: Include links to some of your real estate landing pages from the footer of your website! The footer is a great place to promote landing pages that don’t exist on the main navigation of your website. Here’s some useful info about designing an awesome website footer from our friends at Slickplan

Landing Page Tips & Ideas for Realtors®

The Ninjas want to help real estate agents make landing pages a priority in 2019, and to make landing pages as approachable and accessible to you as possible.

Here are some tips to help you optimize your real estate landing pages, and some concepts for landing pages that real estate agents can use to achieve various objectives.

Landing Page Optimization Tips:

  • Know your target audience for the landing page.
  • Make sure your offer or objective is clear.
  • Ensure your landing page is providing value to the visitor.
  • Keep call to action obvious and straightforward.
  • Use contrasting colours to make important items stand out.
  • Include testimonials & other credibility builders.
  • Reduce barriers to entry (shorter forms, less hoops to jump through.)
  • Keep messaging consistent between ad & landing page.
  • Make sure landing page is mobile friendly/responsive.
  • Include images & video on your landing pages.
  • Remove the main website navigation from your landing page (possible with RealtyNinja!)
  • Keep it simple & focused, don’t over complicate the page with info.
  • Encourage sharing on social media.
  • Create LOTS of real estate landing pages to amplify your reach.

[-_-]~~~ Ninja Tip: After you create a landing page on your real estate website, you can point a full domain to it. This is particularly useful when you’re trying to promote the landing page via offline print advertising. It’s much more ninja to print a URL such as “www.lynnvalleycondos.com” than it is to print “www.bobtherealtor.com/condos-in-lynn-valley”.

realtor bus ad

Landing Page Ideas & Concepts:

  • New Development Landing Page
    • Purpose: Dedicated to showcasing a new development you’re promoting.
    • Type of Leads: Buyer Leads
    • Call to Action: “Contact” form on page, or “Request More Info / Request a Showing” forms on listings within development.
  • Free Home Evaluation Landing Page
    • Purpose: Asks visitors to fill out a form in return for a custom evaluation of their property.
    • Type of Leads: Seller Leads
    • Call to Action: Form on the page that asks for pertinent information regarding seller’s property.
  • Downloadable Resource Landing Page
    • Purpose: Asks for a visitor’s email in return for some downloadable content.
    • Type of Leads: Buyer / Seller Leads (depends on content)
    • Call to Action: Usually an Email Address capture form. Often linked to an automated email that contains resource.
  • Neighbourhood Showcase Landing Page
    • Purpose: Highlights, in detail, a community that you serve & are knowledgable in.
    • Type of Leads: Buyer Leads
    • Call to Action: “Contact” form on page, or “Request More Info / Request a Showing” forms on listings within neighbourhood.
  • Condo Building Landing Page
    • Purpose: Describes a specific building and lists the available properties for sale within it.
    • Type of Leads: Buyer Leads
    • Call to Action: “Contact” form on page, or “Request More Info / Request a Showing” forms on listings within condo building.
  • Sold Listings Data Landing Page
    • Purpose: Provides data on recently sold properties in specific areas.
    • Type of Leads: Seller Leads
    • Call to Action: Get in touch via Phone, Email or Form on the page
  • Home Search Landing Page
    • Purpose: Dedicated to helping people find their perfect home in a community.
    • Type of Leads: Buyer Leads
    • Call to Action: “Contact” form on page, or “Request More Info / Request a Showing” forms on listings within results.
  • Email Marketing Landing Page
    • Purpose: Asks visitors to subscribe to your mailing list, usually in return for some perk(s).
    • Type of Leads: Mailing List Subscribers (Future Buyers & Sellers)
    • Call to Action: “Subscribe to Mailing List” form with email capture
  • Realtor® Marketing Landing Page
    • Purpose: Describes how you market your clients’ properties, and why they should work with you.
    • Type of Leads: Buyer / Seller Leads (depending on your target market)
    • Call to Action: Get in touch via Phone, Email or Form on the page

Try A/B testing two different versions of the same real estate landing page against each other… for instance, create a Home Search Landing Page for North Vancouver and another one for West Vancouver and set up an ad campaign for both with equal budgets. See which one provides you with better results. Or create a Free Home Evaluation Landing Page that is mostly purple, and another one that is mostly green. Find out if one colour resonates better with your target audience!

AB testing realtor landing pages

There are so many ways that you can test landing pages to learn which ones convert more visitors into leads. You can spend all of 2019 testing different varieties of landing pages and ads until you find your sweet spot. Then in late 2019 or early 2020, testing will be over and you’ll be ready to put all of your marketing budget into your most effective landing page and ad combo. CHA-CHING!

Important: There is no silver bullet in marketing. Always remember that good marketing means providing value to your audience. If you set up a real estate landing page that provides zero value, you can send a million visitors to it and it still won’t be effective in converting those visitors to leads. Before you start sending traffic to a landing page, make sure the value proposition is strong. 

Are you ready to be a better air traffic controller?

We want to help you land more airplanes at your airport this year! That’s why we’re now offering real estate landing page designs as an additional service for our customers.

You can now order a beautifully designed landing page from RealtyNinja, that helps you achieve various objectives! These real estate landing pages can be added to your RealtyNinja website for a very low exclusive price.

The price may increase, so make sure you take advantage of the introductory rate of $150 +tax while it’s still around.

real estate landing pages

To view the different real estate landing pages our design team has created for you, and to place your order, visit get.realtyninja.com/landing-pages

If you have any further questions about how landing pages work, why they’re important, or how you can get your own today, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@realtyninja.com.

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