A fresh set of updates has just been launched on RealtyNinja

RealtyNinja is now available to any agent on planet earth

We have just opened up RealtyNinja to the rest of the world! We don’t have agreements set up yet with boards outside of BC, so the automated MLS® features (such as the MLS® search, Niche listing pages and automatically updated listings and buildings) will not be available.

Agents that are not part of the Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley and Chilliwack Real Estate Boards will have to manage all listings and buildings manually but they still get access to the rest of RealtyNinja’s powerful arsenal.

Our new support/help system

We’ve beefed up our support system to make sure we’re able to handle each customer’s questions, issues or concerns as smoothly as possible.

You can access the new support system by going to http://support.realtyninja.com or clicking the “Help” tab in your RealtyNinja website’s backend (which will bring up the same thing).

We’re going to be adding tons of step-by-step articles in our Knowledge Base and updating our Public Discussion area to help users help themselves by finding answers to commonly asked questions.

People we work with

We just added an affiliates page to our website that features our design vendors and friends. Our “Design Ninjas” are able to create custom RealtyNinja themes for our customers, contact them for details.

New sections on RealtyNinja.com

Here’s a handy comparison of using a RealtyNinja website versus having a custom website made for you from scratch. The benefits speak for themselves.

We’ve also been getting a lot of positive feedback lately from our customers, we’ve featured two responses in particular that really stuck with us, take a look.

If you have a few minutes and would like to take our little survey, click here… it really helps us know how our customers feel so ultimately we can provide a better product and service.

New features

  • Multi-board integration – users can now sign up from any real estate board in the world
  • Agent’s name added to quick contact
  • Added paging to the bottom of MLS® search results
  • Added blog posts to auto-generated sitemap (helps google index your blog)
  • Google webmaster tools now available (SEO tab)
  • Overall speed improvements (server side)
  • Cleaned up

Bug fixes

  • new page heading structure
  • sometimes after adding a listing manually, it still imported the same listing automatically the next day. We have made it so that this does not happen anymore.
  • some auto-added listings wouldn’t geocode properly (wrong location on google maps), this is now fixed.
  • map icon shadows we’re off center as a result of Google changing how they are centered. We switched up our code and this now works.
  • other various fixes (not logged)