2019 in Review, Holiday Hours & Heartfelt Thank You

RealtyNinja Employees 2019 Collage

Are you ready to enter a new decade with RealtyNinja? Today we put 2019 to rest, Ninja-style, and prepare to kick off the 20’s!

It’s crazy to think that in 2020 RealtyNinja will turn 10 years old. When we started this company in 2010, we never imagined all the amazing experiences we’d have, memories we’d accumulate, and achievements we’d earn. Some of our customers have been with us the entire time – almost a decade! It’s seriously unbelievable.

Now a decade later, we’re putting the 2010s behind us and moving into the 2020s together. We’ve all grown, evolved, changed and improved in so many ways. Yet we’re all still very much Ninjas, in this together.

Today we’d like to take a moment to reflect on the past year, thank our loyal world-class customers, and update you all on our holiday hours for winter break 2019.

First, a little RealtyNinja tradition… our 2019 team collage!


The RealtyNinja Team Collage for 2019
The Ninja Family in 2019

View our previous team collages over the years: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

As an addition to the annual collage, this year we also put together a video collage featuring our co-founder, Ramin Sabour.

Every week Ramin films a brief weekly update video to bring our team up to speed with what’s going on internally at RealtyNinja. We decided to compile all of this year’s best greetings into a quick video to share with our customers and friends on social media – you’ll see why once you watch.

RealtyNinja Holiday Closure Dates 2019

Holiday Availability: Please note that we will be closed from Dec 23, 2019, to Jan 1, 2020, and will reopen Jan 2, 2020.

We’re so amped to ring in the new decade with you! The Ninjas will continue to monitor our email inboxes over the break for emergencies only. If you have any urgent requests before the break, please contact us this week! Now without further ado, here’s a quick look at RealtyNinja’s 2019

2019 Year in Review

This past year, we were hard at work developing our new Account Functionality (which is a prerequisite for VOW and sold listing search) and we’re proud to say it was launched last week! Learn all about it, and other fresh releases in this recent article.

Aside from development on account functionality, we’ve been quite busy! Check out a handful of our favourite website designs from 2019:

Some more Ninja moments from 2019:

  • Launched a Referral Rewards Program for Customers – Learn more
  • Launched the “Daily Ninja Tips” email series – Learn more
  • Hosted an awesome SEO Marketing Webinar – Watch webinar
  • Hosted an awesome Website Design Webinar – Watch webinar
  • Created an Ultimate SEO Guide for REALTORS® – Read guide
  • Enabled “Landing Page Mode”  – Find out how
  • Began offering Non-Realty Websites – More info
  • Added many new deals to the Marketplace – Claim deals
  • Created a new Semi-Custom Design, “Zeitaku” – See it in action
  • Had over 14,500 email conversations and 700 live chats with customers (with over 94% Great ratings!)
  • And earned dozens of 5-star Google Reviews from customers too! Check out a few of these reviews below:

“Great people to work with! I am so happy about how my website turned out, the communication through the process and the on-going support as I need it. I would highly recommend RealtyNinja to anyone!”Todd James

“My experience with Realty Ninja was exceptional. They really understood exactly what I wanted and made suggestions to make sure I maximized the effectiveness of my website. They were very responsive and exceeded my expectations. From the design to the execution of the smallest details, they had it all taken care of. I would recommend RealtyNinja to any agent looking for a seamless experience. Thanks RealtyNinja!”Kindra Sowden

“You can’t find better service and better websites than with RealtyNinja. Reliable, responsive, and always ready to lend a helping hand to make things just right. A+!”Leanne Perry

“I love RealtyNinja! I have dealt with numerous website companies in my career as a real estate professional and this company impresses the heck out of me. They provide efficient and prompt support, great technical advice, and beautiful websites. I needed help editing my site today and had tech support on the phone in minutes instead of waiting for 2 days for an email response… and they are a Canadian company!!! Go,  Canada! Thanks, RealtyNinja!” – Tracey Manton

“I have been with RealtyNinja since the early days of them starting up. I have never been disappointed that I switched to them. Their customer service is fantastic and they really listen so that you get the right results. If it isn’t what you want the first time they work with you until it is. As for their websites, the backend is very easy to navigate which saves me a lot of time and effort. I highly recommend using these guys!”Michelle Vaughan

View all of our Google Reviews

Our Ninja Family is Growing… Again!

In 2019, not only did we hire a new Marketing & Support Ninja, but our General Manager Ninja Chelsea is also about to have another baby boy!

Chelsea will be off on Maternity Leave as of Friday, December 13th for one year. As a warm farewell, our Design Ninjas put together this digital masterpiece to say farewell to Chelsea (proudly built using RealtyNinja of course.) Chelsea will be away for the next 12 months spending time with her new baby boy, Parker Nixon – who will be arriving this week!

Please feel free to send your love to Chelsea via email to support [at] realtyninja.com and we will pass on your messages ❤️

Chelsea from RealtyNinja

As mentioned above, in 2019 we also hired a new Marketing & Support Ninja. His name is James Luberas and he embodies the Ninja spirit in every way. Everyone say hi to James, you will be hearing from him more and more in 2020. We can’t wait for you to connect with him!

James Luberas at RealtyNinja

A Heartfelt Thank You

Like we mentioned earlier, some of you Ninjas have been customers of ours and part of our Ninja Family since day one, almost 10 years ago. Others have joined our family more recently, but all of you are so important to us.

We need you to know that you are always at the center of everything we do and that we appreciate and value you more than you can know. You, our world-class customers, are the reason we can wake up every morning and do Ninja stuff with so much passion and care. You have supported us and stood with us through so much over the years, and we are forever grateful to you for that.

They say that nobody is perfect, but we think “they” are wrong. You are perfect for us, and we love you all. From the bottom of all of our hearts, thank you for being part of RealtyNinja for a day, for a week, a month or ten years. You are seriously the best.

Uh oh, the tears are welling up, which means it’s time to say goodbye. Goodbye to you, goodbye to 2019, and see you in January 2020 for a brand new decade and a brand new journey.

We have a lot of exciting initiatives planned for 2020, so join us next year to learn more.

Happy Holidays, Ninjas!

PS. We will be monitoring our inboxes for emergencies over the holidays, but if you need anything done before the break, let us know ASAP so we can fit it in before we go!

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