Exclusive Deal for Real Estate Brokerages

We'd like to partner with modern real estate brokerages and provide them with a free website for their office, as well as discounts for all their agents.

If you are a managing broker or otherwise represent a Canadian real estate brokerage that contains 10 or more agents, you are eligible for this deal and we'd love to chat with you! Find out more below.

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Here's what's included in the deal:

Free Office Website for 6 Months (Potentially for life)

RealtyNinja will create and host a new office website for your brokerage, for free for 6 months. This includes full assistance from our awesome support ninjas, and everything else you could expect from a paid RealtyNinja website account. Note: this discount does not apply to any additional services (such as design customizations).

White Belt Discount (13% OFF) For Agent Websites

RealtyNinja will offer all agents at your brokerage a 13% discount on either a monthly or annual full website subscription. Note: this discount does not apply to any additional services (such as design customizations) and is valid towards a full website only, not Hotsheets or Listings-Only (IDX) Accounts.

Free Office Website for Life

If your brokerage can convert 10 of it's agents into RealtyNinja website customers (with the 13% off deal mentioned above applied), your office website will become free for life. We're giving you 6 free months to bring 10 or more of your agents signed up for RealtyNinja websites. If you do reach 10 within 6 months, your office website will be free for life. If you do not reach 10 agents in 6 months, your office website will begin billing your credit card at the White Belt Discounted rate (13% off). The good news is, the offer is always open, so whenever you do reach 10 agents your office website will become free for life (even if it's a year after your free 6 months started).

This exclusive Brokerage Deal is an arm of our Approved Ninjas Affiliate Program.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. Thanks!

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